Introducing Weekly Events!

TheSilentEcho Co-Owner posted Jul 24, 18

PokeBrawl Weekly Events!

Types of Events

  • Parkour
  • Maze
  • Race
  • Hide and Seek
  • Lucky Dip
  • Trivia (Plugin as well as custom questions)
  • Random Pokemon Tournament (3 v 3, pokemon will be given via staff members)
  • MASSIVE Drop Party

When and Where

  • All events will begin at 3pm EST
  • Every month, on the 30th/31st a calender will be posted showing the events of the month
  • Events take place Friday, Saturday, and Sunday


  • Maze/Race/Parkour:
    - Keys
    - Diamonds, Emeralds, etc.
    - Rare candies
    - Master balls
    - Special Pokemon Forms

  • Hide & Seek:
    - Pokemon statues = the given pokemon
    - Hidden pokeloot/items

  • Trivia:
    - Ores
    - Tokens
    - Rare candies
    - Master balls
    - Pixelmon items (EV training items, berries, etc.)

  • Random Pokemon Tournament:
    - Keeping the Pokemon given (all players)
    - Pokeballs
    - Rare candies
    - Pixelmon items (EV training items, berries, etc.)

  • Lucky Dip:
    - All players keep the Pokemon caught
    - Keys
    - Pokeballs
    - Tokens
    - Rare candies
    - Pixelmon items (EV training items, berries, etc.)

  • Drop party:
    - Orbs/Shrines
    - Rare Candies
    - Tokens
    - Pokemon Spawned
    - TM's
    - Various other items

Happy Memorial Day!

_Who Owner posted May 27, 18

Hello everyone!

I am pleased to announce PokeBrawl will be hosting a 50% OFF Memorial day sale! This sale will be ending in a very limited time, therefore take advantage of the online store while everything is dirt cheap!

All packages in the shop are 50% off, and don't forget about our deals:

  • Spend 40$+ and receive a FREE random legendary
  • Spend 10$+ and receive a FREE masterball!

Thank you for choosing PokeBrawl as your #1 Pixelmon server.

Have a good week, and a safe summer, everyone!

Nether and End addition

TheSilentEcho Co-Owner posted Apr 29, 18

Nether and End

Champions+ Allowed entry

PVP is enabled

Placing/Breaking is allowed

Claiming is disabled

EXP will be lost when killed

(/worldtp) to teleport between worlds

- PokeBrawl Staff

Store Update 4/25/18

TheSilentEcho Co-Owner posted Apr 25, 18

Online Store Update

Pokemon Added






Retextured Items

Box Pack

Legendary Dog Trio Pack

Legendary Bird Trio Pack

PokeHeal Command

Fly Command

Workbench Command

PC Command

Make sure to grab everything while our 25% sale is still up for a limited time!

- PokeBrawl Staff

Change Log - 4/21/18

TheSilentEcho Co-Owner posted Apr 21, 18

Change Log - 4/21/18

Default spawn is now correct

PV information at spawn updated

VoteParty end message updated

Safari 1 Day pass is fixed

Alt Account rule is now in /rules

Rules reformatted (/rules)

Various lag fixes 

Shop GUI added (/shop)

Contains regular shop, donor shop, and online shop

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