Back better than ever.

By _Who OwnerChallenger - Posted Feb 11, 18

Hello everyone.

Im sure by now everyone has been aware of our recent downtime over the past few days.

I am here to ensure you that we are now running in full strength, and are returning with some extensively custom features for the community.

  • PixelGods can now change the color of their prefix with /prefix
  • Spawn has been improved extremely with a complete makeover for the welcoming faces aspect.
  • You can now bet with your tokens with /gamble! Simply choose your bet amount and pick a color!
  • We have added a Pixelmon McMMO branch off
    • Skills: Mining, Woodcutting, Excavation, Fishing, Farming, Acrobatics, Catching, Breeding, and Battling.
    • Basic Commands:
      • /skills
      • /skillstop
      • /<skill> (Example: /mining)
  • Shopping Deals have been added to increase momentum behind buying items in our shop. Take advantage of our current offer of purchase more than 40$ worth of items and receive a FREE legendary pokemon at our shop!
  • Optimized server performances.
  • Added Music Players around the spawn which features top pop music! (Make sure your noteblocks sound is turned up and your music is turned off or you won't hear it!).
  • Added a Kits menu (/kits)
  • VoteParty has a new front end appeal, along with a new giveaway reward.
  • VoteGiveaways has new giveaways built in, along with random start instances.
  • PokeEvents is back in full, giving 1st place 30 tokens, 2nd place 20 tokens, and 3rd place 10 tokens.
  • Other misc additions. (More title usages, holograms, etc)

We are extremely sorry for this long wait, but we hope this will leave a huge mark on the server and it was worth the wait!

Thank you for choosing PokeBrawl as your go-to, number one pixelmon server!

-_Who & the PokeBrawl Staff

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