Updates Galore!

By Echo Co-Owner - Posted Dec 19, 17

Hello Brawlers!

The PokeBrawl Staff team has been working hard and we have developed lots of new updates and want to notfiy and give info on all of them 


  >  Added brand new system that auto generates random pokemon to find

  > Can be easily used with (/hunt)


  > Allows players to track their pokedex count, get rewards every 10% completed and see what you have left to catch

  > Can be used with (/pokedex)


  > Automatically timed random trivia questions every 1800 seconds that give small rewards

  > Can be answered with (/triviaquest answertrivia <answer>)

  > All ranks are welcome to use


  > Virtual Chests thatn can be used anywhere in the server

  > Can be used with (/pv <number>)

  > Can be used by Challengers+


  > Adds the ability to craft things anywhere on the server

  > Can be used with (/workbench)

  > Can be used by Challenger+


  > A helpful bar at the top of your screen to inform you about the server

  > Can be changed whenever anything is needed

Notice: We have updated lots of other things but these are just the main updates. Many bug fixes are being added and we plan to continually modify the server in the best interest of the player base. If you have any suggestions please notify us via our forum page or on our twitter.

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