Update Change Log and Announcements

By Echo Co-Owner - Posted Nov 4, 17

   Hello Brawlers! → → → →

We have changed a few things and have a lot to announce so a bit of a of an update is in order

> > > ChangeLog < < <


Shops have been rebalanced

Shop bugs have been fixed


Trainers now have /psell and /dexcheck

Regulars now have /eggsteps

Veterans now have /tms

Experts now have /movelist

Challengers now have /PokeColor

PixelGods now have /tradesim

Rank NoLife is now available at 32 days

Rank Expert now has chat color Yellow


Added in /info Lottery

Added in /info Ranks

Bug Fixes

Expert Suffix fixed

Gym Leader Suffix Fixed

Several TabManager Prefixes fixed

Other Misc Fixes

> > > Future Announcments < < <

Pixelmon Islands Server

Elite Four

More Minigames

TM Selling Shop

NPC Gyms 

and Much More!

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