Official Server Rules

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Server Rules
  • Staff always have final say (warning)
  • Use common sense and do not disrupt another player's experience, this includes building/claiming around someone's base (warning)
  • No hacking, use of x-ray, or transparent texture packs of any kind (ban)
  • No advertising another server IP, server name, server website, or discord (ban)
  • No exploiting bugs/exploits (ban) If you find a bug/exploit, report it to a staff member immediately
  • No charging back any payments made through the donation store (ban)
  • No possession of duped items (ban)
  • No scamming of any kind (jail)
  • No swearing/bypassing the filter or excessive usage of caps (mute)
  • No swearing/spam/caps (mute) Excessive spam is defined as more than 1 (not conversation related) message every 10 seconds
  • No asking for free items (mute)
  • No bypassing the AFK kicker (jail)
  • No speaking in a language other than English in global chat (mute)
  • No killing or trapping other players (jail)
  • No building Apricorn Farms larger than 150 trees (jail)
  • No inappropriate builds or topics (jail/mute, respectively)
  • No sexual anything anywhere (ban)
  • No blocking public access to legendary bird shrines (warning)
  • All players and staff should be respected at all times (mute)
  • Spawners must be kept in an enclosed area (warning)
  • No using alternate accounts to gain an unfair advantage over others (jail)
  • Donators may not use perks without cooldowns on other players (warning)
  • Only claim land that you will be using (warning)
  • No building/operating a farm that uses any kind of redstone OR exceeds 2000 “farm blocks” per player. A farm block is defined as a farmable object that takes up one block of space. Therefore Pumpkins/Melons count as two farm blocks, and Cactus/Sugarcane count as three as they take up two/three blocks of space, respectively. Intentionally attempting to conceal a farm that does not adhere to these restrictions will earn you a permanent ban

Side note: Stealing from unclaimed areas IS allowed, and stealing items from claims you're trusted in is also allowed. Be careful who you /trust. Claims may also be manually deleted after 60 days of the owner being offline.

** You are responsible for your own account. If someone else has access to your account and uses it to break server rules, we will still take action against your account.

Thank you and have a great time playing PokeBrawl!
Posted Jan 10, 19 · OP · Last edited Feb 10, 19
Shmeeb Owner
added these rules:

Staff have final say, do NOT argue
Use common sense and do not disrupt another player's experience, this includes building/claiming around someone's base
Posted Feb 10, 19 · OP
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