Super September!

_Who Owner posted Aug 30, 17

A New Beginning

_Who Owner posted Aug 13, 17

Hello, everyone, it's me back in action.

As many of you may have noticed, PixelmonMod has been discontinued and won't be updated by the development team anymore. I would like everyone to know that we are not going anywhere, in fact, were coming back better than ever.

PokeBrawl is now running a custom version of Pixelmon, known as Pixelmon Dark. This is an exclusive version of pixelmon that will be updated with new features and bug fixes weekly. In the current version, there is over 59 new pokemon, some being Darkrai, Zekrom, Palkia, Diagla!

You can download the pack by launching the Technic Launcher and Paste this link into the Search Bar:

What does this mean for PokeBrawl? We are starting the server completely fresh, with everything being reset except ranks. With sadness, happiness and fortune follow sooner or later, which is why we felt it would be best to have the server start out as if it just opened.

Whats new on PokeBrawl?

  • Events system that awards participating players with points to spend in the Point Shop
    • Events:
      • Capture the most pokemon
      • Kill the most pokemon
      • Walk on pokemon the furthest
      • Fly on pokemon the furthest
    • Payout system:
      • 1st place: 80 points
      • 2nd place: 50 points
      • 3rd place: 25 points
      • All participants: 15 points
  • New spawn that suits the needs of what we currently offer
  • Completely redone crates
    • Revamped GUI menus (punch the crate)
    • Revamped prize percentages
    • Added new rewards
      • Tokens
  • Added 8 new towns that are accessible through /warp town1-8
    • Example to warp to a town:
      • /warp town 1
      • /warp town 6
      • etc
    • Each town is equipped with a pokestop, pokecenter, gym, and shop, along with extra housing.
  • 59 new pokemon to catch!
    • Check out all new pokemon in current version here
  • Better managed staff team
    • Apply to become staff here
  • LevelSystem has had some minor code changes to improve performance.
  • There will be in-game tournaments being held throughout the days.
  • EV Training and Safari zones are being built!
    • Please be patient, they should be released within the next week!

I hope everyone is as excited about this update as I am, and I hope to see you all on PokeBrawl catching those new pokemon!

Farewell till next time,

- PokeBrawl Staff


Update! (7/5/17)

_Who Owner posted Jul 5, 17

Hello, Brawlers!

Once again, I'm super pleased to announce that we more update news for you!

Firstly, we have updated to the latest Pixelmon version, 5.1.2. This update introduces more pokemon and lots of bug fixes. Some of the new pokemon include, Bronzor, Bronzong, Snover, and Abomasnow.

Modpack Information:

  • Install our Technic Modpack here (Pixelmon Latest)
    • We will always be running the correlated version to the server, making joining our server as easy as eating pie (unless you don't like pie).
  • If you are ever having issues installing technic launcher or some sort, you can check out this. Pokemon in Minecraft has revolutionized the way pixelmon can be installed through the technic launcher, so be sure to check that out if you are ever having issues.
  • Rewards for running Pixelmon Latest:
    • x1 Pokemon Crate Key
    • x30 Tokens
    • x1 Masterball
    • x16 Rare Candies
    • x1 Pixelmon Sash (/pokesash)


  • Replaced the Voting Crate display (punch the crate)
  • Changed the Voting Crate probabilities of rewards
  • Added and removed some Voting Crate rewards
  • Removed Ultra Crate
  • Removed Hero Crate
  • Removed Omega Crate
  • Added Mystic Crate
  • Added Heroic Crate
  • Added Legend Crate
  • Check out the new additions and changes at /warp crates


  • Changed to a new, throwback spawn.
  • Casino is accessed through walking through a house with portal inside.
  • Check out the new spawn in action at!

July Rocks Special

  • Legendary Spawn rates are x2
  • Shiny Spawn rates are x4
  • Pokemon EXP Multiplier is x3
  • All Ranks are 60% OFF
  • Every item in the online shop is 40% off (Besides ranks, those are 60% off)

Thank you for your time and continue to Brawl on!

- PB Staff

PokeBrawl Update News

TheRadiatedGhost Champion posted Jul 1, 17

Hello, Brawlers! 

We have recently updated to 5.1.1 which has
added several new Pokemon, including the legendary, Heatran.
  This update has also come along with some
much needed bug fixes, and new features,
with more new features still being added!


The long awaited Pokestops have
finally been added, with 2 being at spawn
currently, which can be claimed every 10
minutes by doing /claimpokestop  
while standing inside the Pokestop


The EXP Crate is now open and able to be
used again (along with the level system
being fixed); the Pokemon and Shiny crates
were remodeled. (keys can be bought here


A new feature (that is still being added to) is
the casino. Tokens can be bought from
a vendor to use on the machines by right-clicking
the machine with the token in your hand.
Tokens for the machines can be bought at
$2500 for 1 or $11000 for 5 (using in-game
currency).  When using a token on
one of the machines, you can win anywhere
from $0 to $225000; you can get a free
casino machine token here:


Pokexp Multipliers were recently added,
which multiply the amount of
EXP your pokemon will receive. Every weekend
, there are x1.5 Pokexp Multipliers going on
for everyone, personal multipliers can
be bought here
We have also multiplied the Pokemon spawn
rate by x6, and Legendary/Shiny by x2

Those are all the current things that that have
been added/updated, stay tuned for the new
features to come, and keep on brawling.

-PokeBrawl Staff

Server Update (Pixelmon 5.1.1)

_Who Owner posted Jun 28, 17

Hello, everyone!

I'm here to inform you all that we have updated to the latest version of pixelmon, that being version 5.1.1.

In this update, there are several new Pokemon and lots of needed bug fixes!

Pokemon added in the update:

  • Heatran
  • Gastrodon
  • Shellos
  • Floatzel
  • Buizel
  • Kricketune
  • Kricketot
  • Bibarel
  • Bidoof

To easily install this version of pixelmon, visit, or install this modpack

For more information on this pixelmon update, you can visit the changelog here.

Thank you for your understanding, and keep on brawling.

- PB Staff

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Message to Everyone: We will be working on fixing the server and figuring out what is going on. We apologize to anyone and everyone that has been waiting to come onto the server. We do not want to keep you from playing. We are working on a fix.
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