Nether and End addition

Echo posted Apr 28, 18

Nether and End

Champions+ Allowed entry

PVP is enabled

Placing/Breaking is allowed

Claiming is disabled

EXP will be lost when killed

(/worldtp) to teleport between worlds

- PokeBrawl Staff

Store Update 4/25/18

Echo posted Apr 25, 18

Online Store Update

Pokemon Added






Retextured Items

Box Pack

Legendary Dog Trio Pack

Legendary Bird Trio Pack

PokeHeal Command

Fly Command

Workbench Command

PC Command

Make sure to grab everything while our 25% sale is still up for a limited time!

- PokeBrawl Staff

Change Log - 4/21/18

Echo posted Apr 21, 18

Change Log - 4/21/18

Default spawn is now correct

PV information at spawn updated

VoteParty end message updated

Safari 1 Day pass is fixed

Alt Account rule is now in /rules

Rules reformatted (/rules)

Various lag fixes 

Shop GUI added (/shop)

Contains regular shop, donor shop, and online shop

New Spawn + Updates

Echo posted Apr 16, 18

Hello Brawlers!

The PokeBrawl staff team has worked hard for the past few weeks to bring you a brand 
new update with tons of add ons for everyone to enjoy.

Change Log

Shop System removed

(/warp shop) added

(/contact) added

PokeBuilder GUI updated

PokeEvents informational GUI added

Safari GUI updated

Safari can now be bought for 24 hours or for unlimited

PokeEvents GUI added

Kits board added

(/warp enchant) added

Coming Soon

Nether for Champion +

End for Champion +

PokeBuilder price modificaiton

Shop Reminder

The shop system has changed completely which means brand new prices for all sorts
of items. If you see any bugs or want prices changed make sure to report them to the #support-and-repots channel on discord.

- PokeBrawl Staff 

LevelSystem is Back!

Echo posted Apr 12, 18

* * LevelSystem * *

Gaining Levels

 Battling Pokemon

 Catching Pokemon

 Evolving Pokemon 


Hatch eggs 

Level up Pokemon 

Opening Donor Crates



1 Master Ball

Random Shiny Pokemon


Gives you temporary EXP boost

/boost to use

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