Hello everyone, Shmeeb here with another awesome update for you guys!



Firstly, I’m excited to announce that we’ve replaced the old, clunky mall with a much better system that allows for more player customization and interaction: the Nexus! In this new area located at /warp nexus, you guys are able to purchase any of the “Nexus” portals for a price ranging from $50k to $250k. Simply politely ask your nearest moderator and they will set you up. Act quickly before all the hottest spots are taken! We hope this will allow you guys to take your shops to the next level and make the economy more enjoyable.

In order to “kickstart” things a bit we decided it would be fun to host a server-wide Nexus competition! The theme is simply “extravagance,” be it through the actual builds and/or your ChestShop setup. Shops will be judged by the following factors, in order of importance: adherence to the theme, creativity, quality of spawn area & builds, usability (shops mostly out of stock aren’t considered), and item selection/variety.

The (one) winner will get their very own NPC permanently placed in the Nexus, a highly distinguished Nexus pad, and $100 coupon in the store. No entry is required for this competition - all Nexus warps will be evaluated. I will be the judge and I will make my decision on the 28th of April. Good luck and have fun!

Nexus Rules:

  • Max 1 Nexus portal per player, and per 100x100 area
  • ChestShops must be located within the immediate vicinity of the portal
  • Portals whose owner remains inactive for 60+ days may be removed
  • An area must have at least 6 (stocked) ChestShops in order to be eligible for a Nexus portal


Five New Gyms

Thanks to @Dasscamper and @Aknolia’s hard work we’ve added 5 brand new beautiful gyms to our lineup: Steel, Fire, Water, Ice, and Fairy. Check them out in the /gyms GUI, and if you’re interested in possibly running one apply here! We are in need of leaders to run these gyms, so we will be offering a Legendary of Choice to the first three leaders who are accepted and run the gym for one week! Good luck!



Tired of spamming RTP to find that one pesky biome? We are too, so we’ve just implemented a new /BiomeRTP menu (on top of the existing RTP) which allows you to pick the exact biome where you will end up! The default cooldown for this command is 2 minutes, and Champions+ have no cooldown. Enjoy!


Voting Changes

  • Added Voting Streaks which reward you for maintaining a voting streak, check out the possible rewards with /streaks (streaks expire 48 hours after your last vote)
    • View the players with the highest voting streaks /topstreaks
  • View the top voters of the month or all time /topvoters <month/all>
  • Toggle the VoteParty HUD with /vptoggle
  • The top 3 voters at the end of each month will automatically be rewarded with a Shiny Legendary of choice, a Random Shiny Legendary, and a Legendary of choice, respectively


Miscellaneous Changes

  • Two new donor kits have been added to the store
  • Get a free Elytra every hour with /kit elytra
  • New rules have been added which prohibit receiving or offering assistance towards /dex, check them out here
  • Masters+ are now able to break Mob Spawners
  • Champions+ may now see the remaining steps required to hatch an egg with /eggsteps <slot>
  • Purchase your own head for $50,000 in-game money at /warp shop
  • Trade 64 Special Winner Stars for a Random Shiny at /warp shop
  • View the players with the most Tokens on the server with /tokentop
  • Donor perks are now accessible here


Modpack Incentives

Pixelmon Reborn users may now claim /kit pixelmonreborn which gives 10 to 30 tokens randomly per day! If you haven’t already, download the pack here.



Have any friends that also play Minecraft? Introduce them to our lovely server for some sweet rewards with /refer <name>. If you refer them before they ever log in, and they accrue 6 hours of playtime, you both will get a free Legend crate key! Once they have 6 hours of playtime type /referrals claim to receive the rewards. We hope this will help spread the word about our awesome server :)

Note: any attempts to game the system (using alts, for example) will be caught and earn you a permanent ban


Lastly, there is currently a 40% off Flash Sale active for the rest of the weekend only! Grab that rank you’ve been wanting while it’s cheap!


Thank you all for your amazing support, until next time~

- PB Staff

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