MEGA Update + 40% Sale!

By Shmeeb aS - Posted Jan 13, 19

Hello everyone, I’ve been hard at work for the last few weeks preparing this fantastic update and I’m very excited to finally release it for you all! There are quite a few changes in this one, so get ready!


New Daily Events

Participate in a wide variety of custom coded events, coded by yours truly, hosted multiple times a day by our lovely staff team! Each event session will consist of three rounds, so there will be plenty of opportunities to prove yourself. The winner of each round will be rewarded with an Event key and the added satisfaction of beating your fellow trainers! Additionally view the last time an event has been hosted with /lasthosted and if it’s been awhile, politely ask your nearest staff member for a host :) Here is a quick overview of each of the new events.

  • Spleef - a Minecraft classic, break blocks below other players while also dodging attacks from others! Last man standing wins!
  • Parkour - everyone’s favorite, be the first to successfully traverse one of twenty possible challenging courses, but watch out for others; player collision is enabled!

  • TNT Run - parkour but with a twist, stay alive for as long as possible using your 1337 parkour skills while the arena quickly shrinks!

  • Color Party - each round you must stand on the chosen color before the timer runs out. Each round the timer is reduced slightly, so act quickly!
  • Bounce - every block you touch in this arena launches you high into the air. Precisely calculate your movements in order to be the last one remaining!
  • Aircore - another flavor of parkour, this time with a vertical element; first to the top wins!



Unlock varying tiers of special “Titles” in crates and the the donor store which can be customized and displayed before your username in chat.



Express yourself to the entire server with our wide selection of Emotes, available with the /emotes command. Unlock them in crates and the donor store.



Instead of completely enabling rain we have implemented a system where Champions+ may now start a vote for either Sunny, Rainy, or Stormy weather with /wv start [weather]. If half or more of the votes are in approval, the server will then switch to the voted upon weather condition for 10 minutes. Starting the vote costs $1000 in-game money and may only be called on the server once per hour.



Show off your lightning fast reaction skills by being the first to click on a certain character in chat! This mini-event happens around once an hour and rewards the winner with an Event key! Good luck!


Organized + Buffed donor perks

I’ve made quite a few additions to the donor ranks and the items received from each rank, come check out the changes on my organized and easy to navigate perks page. This page will soon be directly integrated into the website but I am waiting on an artist to finish a new logo - which is looking amazing so far - before I change up the website. Here is a list of all the changes:


Rank Changes

  • Gym Leaders and Legends+ may now purchase any TM via /tmshop for $10k to $25k
  • The Nether is now available to everyone (/warp nether), and the End is now accessible to Champions+ (/warp end)
  • Masters+ may now choose any chat color and PixelGods may choose any bold chat color with /color
  • Each donor rank may now change a mob spawner that they are standing on to certain mobs using /spawner <mob>. Obtain one mob spawner a day with /kit spawner
  • Donor rank prefixes below Master are now orange
  • Admin prefixes are now yellow
  • Since so much was added, the prices of the top three ranks will be slightly increasing in a week. If you’ve been considering upgrading, now’s the time!
  • Challengers+ may now send messages to the server from Discord! Follow the instructions shown in /link to link your accounts
  • And much more… view the perks page for a complete list

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Spawn has been revamped and is now much more aesthetically pleasing!
  • All PokeRadar mods are now permitted, we feel there is simply no effective option to enforce the rule
  • Crate coin rewards have been slightly buffed
  • Random Shinys in the donor store have been replaced with Shiny Keys which are the same thing except able to be traded
  • The price of various items in the donor store have been reduced
  • The rules have been revamped to be more clear and organized, check them out here
  • Removed the /me command, it is useless & ugly
  • Automatic events have been disabled while we work to integrate it seamlessly with the new event system
  • Various item packs have been added to the donor store, check them out here
  • Collect presents hidden around spawn for rewards
  • Check out a showcase of all of our awesome Gym Leaders at /warp leaders
  • New kits have been added and the /kits menu has received a revamp
  • Global item trades will now be conducted through /um, with GTS now being reserved for Pokemon trades only
  • A brand new set of much higher quality Gyms is nearly complete thanks to @Dasscamper! Stay tuned!

Lastly to celebrate this juicy update, we will be launching a 40% sale for the next couple days! Get that rank you’ve been wanting now while it’s cheap!


I hope you all enjoy, we will be listening to feedback and making any adjustments/fixes wherever necessary.



- PB Staff

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