A Year in Retrospect

By Echo Co-Owner - Posted Dec 31, 17

> > > A Year in Retrospect < < <


     Over the past year, the PokeBrawl community has gone through more changes than anything I have ever seen. We have seen the good and we have seen the bad. However, one thing holds true no matter what has happened: the community has stayed strong and has only gotten closer together. I owe every ounce of success this server has gained to the players and the staff team and I could not be happier with everything. For my new years resolution I promise to only make improvements to the server and keep moving forward no matter how many hardships we may endure. I hope you all have a fantastic new years and I look forward to seeing you all.

Thank you. For everything.

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paying a visit soon cuz why not
wubba lubba dub dub xd
So please be patient with us as we figure out what is going on.
Message to Everyone: We will be working on fixing the server and figuring out what is going on. We apologize to anyone and everyone that has been waiting to come onto the server. We do not want to keep you from playing. We are working on a fix.
cardi b you know me
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