PokeBrawl Reset/Merge/Updates

By Echo Co-Owner - Posted Dec 10, 17

General Information

Restart will occur at 5:00PM EST

Map, Inventories, Pokemon, Balance, and Tokens are reset

Rank Upper is reset

Donator Ranks, Kits, Sashes, Hats, and Commands stay

If you have purchased anything on either light or dark brawl you will be given $7.50 in store credit

To get coupon use code RESTART 


Teams Plugin added (teams)

8 NPC Gyms added

NPC controlled Elite Four added 

Victory Road added

Crates remodeled

Donator EV training area added

Level Grinders remodeled

Lures/Boosters improved

Ability to Enchant added

Events will give tokens (Tonight or tomorrow)

Brand New map with new spawn

Bug Fixes

Daycare issues fixed

Pixelmon disappearing fixed

Homes issue fixed

Shop issues fixed

Level System/EXP bugs removed

Point Shop removed

Many small bugs fixed

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paying a visit soon cuz why not
wubba lubba dub dub xd
So please be patient with us as we figure out what is going on.
Message to Everyone: We will be working on fixing the server and figuring out what is going on. We apologize to anyone and everyone that has been waiting to come onto the server. We do not want to keep you from playing. We are working on a fix.
cardi b you know me
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