Update Change Log and Announcements

By Echo Co-Owner - Posted Nov 4, 17

   Hello Brawlers! → → → →

We have changed a few things and have a lot to announce so a bit of a of an update is in order

> > > ChangeLog < < <


Shops have been rebalanced

Shop bugs have been fixed


Trainers now have /psell and /dexcheck

Regulars now have /eggsteps

Veterans now have /tms

Experts now have /movelist

Challengers now have /PokeColor

PixelGods now have /tradesim

Rank NoLife is now available at 32 days

Rank Expert now has chat color Yellow


Added in /info Lottery

Added in /info Ranks

Bug Fixes

Expert Suffix fixed

Gym Leader Suffix Fixed

Several TabManager Prefixes fixed

Other Misc Fixes

> > > Future Announcments < < <

Pixelmon Islands Server

Elite Four

More Minigames

TM Selling Shop

NPC Gyms 

and Much More!

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paying a visit soon cuz why not
wubba lubba dub dub xd
So please be patient with us as we figure out what is going on.
Message to Everyone: We will be working on fixing the server and figuring out what is going on. We apologize to anyone and everyone that has been waiting to come onto the server. We do not want to keep you from playing. We are working on a fix.
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