Back better than ever.

_Who Owner posted Feb 11, 18

Hello everyone.

Im sure by now everyone has been aware of our recent downtime over the past few days.

I am here to ensure you that we are now running in full strength, and are returning with some extensively custom features for the community.

  • PixelGods can now change the color of their prefix with /prefix
  • Spawn has been improved extremely with a complete makeover for the welcoming faces aspect.
  • You can now bet with your tokens with /gamble! Simply choose your bet amount and pick a color!
  • We have added a Pixelmon McMMO branch off
    • Skills: Mining, Woodcutting, Excavation, Fishing, Farming, Acrobatics, Catching, Breeding, and Battling.
    • Basic Commands:
      • /skills
      • /skillstop
      • /<skill> (Example: /mining)
  • Shopping Deals have been added to increase momentum behind buying items in our shop. Take advantage of our current offer of purchase more than 40$ worth of items and receive a FREE legendary pokemon at our shop!
  • Optimized server performances.
  • Added Music Players around the spawn which features top pop music! (Make sure your noteblocks sound is turned up and your music is turned off or you won't hear it!).
  • Added a Kits menu (/kits)
  • VoteParty has a new front end appeal, along with a new giveaway reward.
  • VoteGiveaways has new giveaways built in, along with random start instances.
  • PokeEvents is back in full, giving 1st place 30 tokens, 2nd place 20 tokens, and 3rd place 10 tokens.
  • Other misc additions. (More title usages, holograms, etc)

We are extremely sorry for this long wait, but we hope this will leave a huge mark on the server and it was worth the wait!

Thank you for choosing PokeBrawl as your go-to, number one pixelmon server!

-_Who & the PokeBrawl Staff

Updates Galore!

TheSilentEcho Co-Owner posted Dec 19, 17

Hello Brawlers!

The PokeBrawl Staff team has been working hard and we have developed lots of new updates and want to notfiy and give info on all of them 


  >  Added brand new system that auto generates random pokemon to find

  > Can be easily used with (/hunt)


  > Allows players to track their pokedex count, get rewards every 10% completed and see what you have left to catch

  > Can be used with (/pokedex)


  > Automatically timed random trivia questions every 1800 seconds that give small rewards

  > Can be answered with (/triviaquest answertrivia <answer>)

  > All ranks are welcome to use


  > Virtual Chests thatn can be used anywhere in the server

  > Can be used with (/pv <number>)

  > Can be used by Challengers+


  > Adds the ability to craft things anywhere on the server

  > Can be used with (/workbench)

  > Can be used by Challenger+


  > A helpful bar at the top of your screen to inform you about the server

  > Can be changed whenever anything is needed

Notice: We have updated lots of other things but these are just the main updates. Many bug fixes are being added and we plan to continually modify the server in the best interest of the player base. If you have any suggestions please notify us via our forum page or on our twitter.

PokeBrawl Reset/Merge/Updates

TheSilentEcho Co-Owner posted Dec 10, 17

General Information

Restart will occur at 5:00PM EST

Map, Inventories, Pokemon, Balance, and Tokens are reset

Rank Upper is reset

Donator Ranks, Kits, Sashes, Hats, and Commands stay

If you have purchased anything on either light or dark brawl you will be given $7.50 in store credit

To get coupon use code RESTART 


Teams Plugin added (teams)

8 NPC Gyms added

NPC controlled Elite Four added 

Victory Road added

Crates remodeled

Donator EV training area added

Level Grinders remodeled

Lures/Boosters improved

Ability to Enchant added

Events will give tokens (Tonight or tomorrow)

Brand New map with new spawn

Bug Fixes

Daycare issues fixed

Pixelmon disappearing fixed

Homes issue fixed

Shop issues fixed

Level System/EXP bugs removed

Point Shop removed

Many small bugs fixed

   Hello Brawlers! → → → →

We have changed a few things and have a lot to announce so a bit of a of an update is in order

> > > ChangeLog < < <


Shops have been rebalanced

Shop bugs have been fixed


Trainers now have /psell and /dexcheck

Regulars now have /eggsteps

Veterans now have /tms

Experts now have /movelist

Challengers now have /PokeColor

PixelGods now have /tradesim

Rank NoLife is now available at 32 days

Rank Expert now has chat color Yellow


Added in /info Lottery

Added in /info Ranks

Bug Fixes

Expert Suffix fixed

Gym Leader Suffix Fixed

Several TabManager Prefixes fixed

Other Misc Fixes

> > > Future Announcments < < <

Pixelmon Islands Server

Elite Four

More Minigames

TM Selling Shop

NPC Gyms 

and Much More!

Super September!

_Who Owner posted Aug 30, 17

Hey guys i need help with getting on the pokemon thing can someone help me please?
paying a visit soon cuz why not
wubba lubba dub dub xd
So please be patient with us as we figure out what is going on.
Message to Everyone: We will be working on fixing the server and figuring out what is going on. We apologize to anyone and everyone that has been waiting to come onto the server. We do not want to keep you from playing. We are working on a fix.
You do not have access to shout.
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