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Modpack Update + More Rewards!

_Who Owner posted Mar 27, 17

Hello everyone, hope your day is going well!

I'm here to inform you all that we have rebranded the Pixelmon Ultra 5.0.1 modpack to Pixelmon 5.x. There should be no issues with the server end and it should only benefit you further for what we have in store for you all.

We have modifed the server rewards when you join with the modpack.

Rewards for joining with the modpack:

  • Exclusive Random Pixelmon Sash (/pokesash)
  • 1 Pokemon Crate Key ([/warp crates] These are $3.50 in our donation store!)
  • 1 Masterball
  • 16 Rare Candies
  • 30 Tokens (Once pokebuilder is added)

Thats definitely a whole lot more rewarding from the previous rewards (Pixelmon Sash, and 1 simple masterball), so lets all get running that modpack!

On April 1st we will clear our name database for players who have received rewards so everyone can once again receive rewards.


Want to install the modpack? View our simple instructions on how to do so here!

TechnicPack Overview: https://goo.gl/5CsVpU

EDIT: We have reset the names list for all players who have ran the pack! We will also reset it on April 1st too! Be sure to run the modpack between the times so you can get double rewards!

Here are some, if not all of the perms for the donator ranks. I [b]assure[/b] you, we are trying to fix them as soon as possible!

Green = Works!
Red = Not working ATM
Blue = Status not clear


Chop Trees in seconds with the tree feller perk - Plugin not added
2 Row Pixelmon Vault [/pcplus] - Not working, plugin glitched
Keep EXP on death - Works!
Access to the Safari Zone! [/warp safari] - Trying to find a way to keep Non donors out, otherwise It works for Challenger+
Chances of mining diamond while mining normal blocks! - Unsure
Change your chat color [ /color (color)] - Unsure
Heal your pokemon [/pokeheal] - Works!
Wear a block on your head [/hat] - Works!
Access to the Donor Only shop! [/warp dshop] - Will be under construction soon!
Ability to set 3 homes - Not working ATM!
Access to the challenger kit [/kit challenger] - Works!
Aqua name color in tab - Not working, (Plugin not added?)
Clear inventory[/ci] - Works!
Receive 20 tokens from kit tokens! - Not working ATM!

30 LvLs of EXP - Unsure
3.5k Claim Blocks - Works!
12k In-game Cash - Works!


4 Row Pixelmon Vault [/pcplus] - Not working (Plugin not added)
Change YOUR time [/ptime] - Not working
Color Signs - Unsure
2 Row player Vault [/pv 1] - Not working ATM (Plugin glitched)
Ability to set 6 homes - Not working
Access to the Elite kit - Works!
Virtual Workbench [/workbench] - Unsure
Receive 30 tokens from kit tokens! - Not working
Access to /Color to change your chat color - Not working (Plugin not added)
Access to the /nick perk! (Nothing inappropriate, could lead to the perk being
disabled). - Works! Colors/Bold/Italic/Underlined/Magic are not included!

20k In-game Cash - Works!
Random pokemon - Works!
40 lvls of EXP - Unsure


14 Row Pixelmon Vault [/pcplus] - Not working
TP to surface above you [/top] - Works!
Fly command [/fly] - Works!
Aceess your Enderchest Virtually [/echest] - Works!
2, 3 Row player vaults [/pv 1-2] - Not working ATM (Plugin glitched)
Ability to set 10 homes - Not working
Access to the Champion kit [/kit champion] - Works!
Heal your self [/heal] - Works!
Receive 40 tokens from kit tokens! - Not working

50k In-game Cash - Works!
Random Shiny Pokemon - Works!
50 LvLs of EXP - Unsure


24 Row Pixelmon Vault [/pcplus] - Not working
Check the recipe for an item [/recipe] - Not working
Invincible [/god] - Works!
Access to the EV Training area [/warp evtraining] - Working on the entrance so anyone who isnt legend+ can't enter, otherwise its working for legends+
Check who is near you [/near] - Not working
Repair your items [/repair] - Works!
2, 4 row player vaults [/pv 1-2] - May be working (Plugin glitched)
Ability to set 14 homes - Not working
Access to the Legend kit - Works
Heal other players [/heal <player>] - Works!
Receive 50 tokens from kit tokens! - Not working

2x Blitz Crate keys - Not working ATM
1x Mythic Crate key - Not working ATM

10k Claim blocks - Works!
75k In-game Cash - Works!
2 Random Shiny pokemon - Works!
60 LvLs of EXP - Unsure


50 Row Pixelmon Vault [/pcplus] - Not working (Plugin not added)
Broadcasts a coloful message when you join the server! - Not working, (plugin not added)
Double voting rewards! (2 voting keys per vote!) - Not working ATM
Random pokemon kit (Includes Legendaries!) [/kit pokemon] - Not working ATM (Kit not added)
Nick name in color! - Works! Bold is added too!
Chat in bold text [/chatcolor] - Not working (Plugin not added)
Run fast! [/speed 1-5] - Works!
Jump command [/jump] - Works!
2, 5 row player vaults [/pv 1-2] - May be working (Plugin glitched)
Ability to set 20 homes - Not working
Access to the Master kit - Works
Receive 60 tokens from kit tokens! - Not working

3x Legend Crate keys! - Not working
1x Blitz Crate key! - Not working

100k In-game Cash - Works!
Choice of a legendary pokemon - Works!
8 Random shiny pokemon - Works!
70 LvLs of EXP - Unsure


Granted 75 slots for an external pc (/pcplus) - Not working
Access to the best safari (/warp msafari) - Not available (Going under construction soon!)
Access to kit PixelGod (/kit pixelgod) - Works!
Access to a player level grinder (/warp mobgrinder) - Not available yet
Granted 90 tokens each day from kit tokens (/kit tokens) - Not working ATM
Run even faster (speeds 5-10) - [color=#6cdd23]Works![/color]
Ability to change your name ````````(Bold, Italics, Underlined, Colored, ) - Works!
Unlimited Homes - [color=#6cdd23]Works[/color]
4, 5 row player vaults (/pv 1-4) - May be working (Plugin glitched)

3 Blitz Keys - Not working
3 Legend Keys - Not working
3 Mythic Keys - Not working

[all perks from previous ranks are applied here as well]

A choice of any 3 sashes - Talk to an admin in game! :)
500 Tokens - Not working
250k In-game Cash - Works!
Choice of three legendary pokemon - Talk to an admin in game! :)
12 Random shiny pokemon - Works!
150 LvLs of EXP - Unsure

[b]The staff team is working hard to try and fix these perms for all of our donors ASAP! This will be updated each time a plugin is added or a command is fixed.[/b]

-Brawl staff

Hello everyone!

A few of the staff members and I thought it would be a fun idea ot have Holiday themed Drop parties and events, so here we are!

The drop parties will be held at 3 pm Eastern standard time! (U.S) Here is a time zone converter to those who need it~

Upcoming events and drop parties/events

St. Patricks day Weekend: March 18th and 19th 

Easter Weekend: April 15th and 16th

Others will be put on the list as the time goes on.

Also, yes I know we don't have every country's holidays on here! We want events + drop parties to be special, right? We're sorry if your fav. holiday isn't here.

-Brawl staff

Hello PokeBrawl community!

As many of you know we are a growing community so we are going to be changing lots as we grow togehter. This means that we require a few updates to make sure we provide the best version of pixelmon for our players

From now on we are a 5.0.1 server that runs on Minecraft 1.10.2

If you are having trouble getting onto our server it is most likely either a problem with your pixelmon version or the amount of ram allocated. This can be easilly fixed with my guide on our forums page

Guide: TroubleShooting Errors.

Thanks for being the best community on the planet and have a great day!

Grand Opening

Isaac posted Oct 4, 16

Hello everyone!

After several countless months of preperation, we are finally ready to open to the public!

PokeBrawl is running 5.0.1 pixelmon on 1.10.2 minecraft. You can connect to our server with Play.Poke-Brawl.com.

Our mission as a leading pixelmon server is to provide a minimal lag, no downtime environment full of custom features and new content always streaming through out the server.

Pixelmon Direct Download: Pixelmon 5.0.0 Download

Forge Download: 1.10.2 Download

Technic Launcher Download: Technic Link (You can use any pixelmon pack that has 5.0.1 in the title)

Pixelmon Launcher: Launcher Download 

Hope you all enjoy your time on PokeBrawl!

Happy Catching.

-PokeBrawl Staff

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